International transport and logistics company MALBI-trans s.r.o. offers

rail transportation for the export, import, transit and domestic traffic in whole Europe, friom/to Russia, CIS, China, Turkey and Iran.

Our permanent partners:

  • CD Cargo a.s.
  • Rail Cargo Group
  • Eurasian Agrologistics
  • DB Cargo Eurasia
  • RTSB GmbH
  • Innosped
  • RDL Group
  • Optimal Logistics Group
  • Viva Trans Ukraine

Company «MALBI-trans» s.r.o. is a permanent member of the International Association of Business Logistics  and has been active in promoting the development of economic relations in the international transport and logistics markets in Europe, Eurasian Economic Union, the CIS and others.

The company “MALBI-trans” s.r.o. participates in all important international transport conferences and forums, such as:

  • INNOTRANS (Berlin)
  • Transport & Logistic (Munich)
  • Transport & Logistics (China)
  • IFRTR (International Forum on Transport Tariffs and Prices)

The company “MALBI-trans” s.r.o. It supports professional press and actively participates in discussions and debates on the pages of publications such as: