Oversized Cargo

Moving oversized cargo can be a challenging task, as it often requires specialized equipment and expertise to ensure that the cargo is transported safely and efficiently. There are several options available for moving oversized cargo, depending on the specific requirements of the transport task. Here are some of the main options:

  • Flatbed trucks: Flatbed trucks are a common option for moving oversized cargo over short distances. These trucks have a flatbed trailer, which provides an open platform for loading and securing oversized cargo.
  • Specialized trailers: There are several types of specialized trailers designed for transporting oversized cargo, such as lowboy trailers, double-drop trailers, and multi-axle trailers. These trailers are designed to support the weight and size of the cargo, and may include features such as hydraulic lifts, ramps, and detachable sections.
  • Rail transport: Rail transport can be a cost-effective and efficient option for moving oversized cargo over long distances. Rail companies often have specialized equipment, such as flatcars and gondolas, that can be used to transport oversized cargo.
  • Barge transport: Barge transport is often used for moving oversized cargo over waterways. Barges are flat-bottomed boats that can carry large and heavy loads, and are often used for transporting cargo such as construction equipment and machinery.
  • Air transport: Air transport can be a fast and efficient option for moving oversized cargo over long distances. However, this option is typically more expensive than other modes of transportation, and may require specialized equipment, such as cargo planes and cranes.