Multimodal transport refers to the movement of goods using more than one mode of transportation. This could include a combination of road, rail and sea transportation. The goal of multimodal transport is to optimize the transportation of goods by using the most efficient and cost-effective combination of modes of transportation.

Multimodal transport involves coordination between various transportation providers to ensure the smooth and efficient movement of goods. This can involve the use of specialized containers and equipment that can be easily transferred between different modes of transportation. Multimodal transport is often used for international shipments and can involve multiple countries and transportation providers.

Multimodal transport can certainly be combined with railway transportation as part of the overall transport solution. By combining railway transportation with other modes of transportation, such as road, sea, or air, it is possible to create a unique and customized  transport solution.

By using a combination of transportation modes, it is possible to take advantage of the strengths of each mode while minimizing their weaknesses. Overall, multimodal transport is an important part of the logistics industry and plays a critical role in the global movement of goods.