Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG)

MALBI-trans transports all categories of liquefied gases (propane, propane-butane, LPG) in 20’ own tank containers, as well as the petrochemical cargo in 20’ tank containers Swap Body.

The tank container is a specialized transport equipment designed for the safe transportation of liquefied petroleum gases (propane, propane butane, LPG) by road, rail, river and sea transport.

At the Customer’s request:

  • We supply the necessary equipment throughout the European railway network
  • We provide freight charges payment on a single personal account
  • We could take out your cargo by trucks to hard-to-reach areas
  • We could arrange the intermodal transportation to any point in the world
  • We ensure the safety and reliability of transportation
  • We arrange the necessary insurance of your dangerous goods
  • We offer consulting and legal support for the transportation of extremely dangerous and flammable goods

Advantages of tank containers in intermodal and multimodal transportation:

  • The possibility of transportation by any mode of transport – auto, rail, sea (river).
  • No additional overflow operations for combined transportation by several modes of transport from the cargo manufacturer to the consumer
  • 20% – 60% cheaper transportation compared to traditional types of dangerous goods transportation
  • Possibility of warehousing and temporary storage of cargo in tank containers without immediate unloading
  • No special access roads are required to the places where the product is discharged and filled